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GoPro HD clip. Takeoff & landing at Flagpole this evening

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Here is a short clip from my flight this evening at the flagpole. Takeoff, fly-by over flagpole and landing. It is quite interesting as I am flying straight towards my shadow on landing so you see the flare. My first GoPro HD paramotoring clip. On setting 5 (highest quality) for those who are interested.

Flying 'The Phoenix' one last time (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4726) under a Paramania Fusion 29.

Great evening session. 4 wings in the air including 1st flight for Ed (see my last post) and two others ground handling in preparation for their first flights. I am loving these 'summer' evenings...


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Hi Pete.

V Nice video.

I have been playing with my HD pro for quite a while now. The Full 1080p looks fab. But if you want to upload to You Tube, it might be best to record in the 720p mode.

If you record a long flight in 1080p and then want to go through it and pick the best bits, it sure takes a while to convert to 720p, for You Tube! Also editing longer files is much quiker.

720p still looks great on my flat screen TV.

I used a velcro Knee mount from an old altimeter and passed it through the back panel and got some intersting mounting angles.



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There was a thread about this b4, but anyways.............

I used the square plastic mount that the HD Pro comes on. I put that inside the wing and mounted the camera on the outside, trapping the wing in the clamp. Felt a bit heavy, but worked ok.

Next time I will mount it further back, about halfway between front and trailing edge. Don't want to cause a frontal collapse.



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