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Helmet Question


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Hello Druff,

I use the micro avionics set up which is a helmet that takes a headset underneath, you can use the helmet on its own.

You can plug a music player in or a mobile phone buy buying the correct lead from micro avionics.

I have to use a radio as i fly from Linly hill airfield which is run by Hull aero club but if I where flying from a field with my mates its good to be able to talk to each other so the radio option is good cheers Alan.

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I use an icaro scarab helmet with a peltor head set. If you buy the head set from Icaro they will send you the standard ear defenders for free "well i got mine for free" I cant conect an ipod or phone but i am sure you can sort out a connector so you can.. The sound is good and clear with my icom radio.

The peltors come with a built in mic so only the mouth option there but they do as an add on a quick connector so if your not using the radio you can just disconnect the wire in seconds.

I would say that even tho i have the standard cups i have never used them as i cant be bothered to diconect all the internal wiring in the helmet....

If you do choose the standard cups pm and i will send you my ones for free as i havnt and wont use them.... :lol:

Personaly i would go for a radio headset just incase one day you fly with someone else with a radio.

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Yeah, order the FlyUL in black. Looking forward to getting it over the next few days/weeks....

Didn't bother with the radio in the end as asking around with the people I'll probably fly with, none of them have radios. Should I need one in the future then I'll go down the throat mike route.... so if anyone can recommend one??

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