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General Q. What do you think of the 'Branch' idea folks?


Do you like 'Branch' idea?  

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  1. 1. Do you like 'Branch' idea?

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Good point! :idea:

An accepted protocol - I think if we keep the Branch chatter to branch specifics, and general chatter to the main Forum then there is little to lose imho. After all, moving around on the Forum ain't difficult is it?

Something Simon seems very keen to perpetuate is a lack of dreary politics and 'compartmentalization' between the branches. In principal we are all part of the same thing - just flying and socializing in our own 'zones'.

Flights between Branches, inter Branch competition and cooperation is likely to generate the kind of kinship that I am sure we would all appreciate.

There are lots of was to promote cohesion. 8)

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not quite sure about this one.

Can any paramotorclub member access any of the branch fora? if so how is it different from now. If it is exclusive to the branch members what have they got to say that the rest of us shouldnt comment on or ask about?

So I couldnt really vote yes or no.

what I find positive and helpful about the forum as it is is that pilots from all over are sharing and helping each other out.

I like the idea of local groups forming to arrange flying sites and brief visiting pilots on their local deal.

I like the idea of those local groups having a forum to discuss local issues

But I also like the idea of being nosey and seeing what they are talkng about!!!

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