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Keeping up your skills is vital!


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We are coming to the end of the winter and the phone and flying sites are starting to get busy.

We ALL suffer from this so this comment is not aimed at any one person.

I have seen people who have not had there kit out over the winter, turn up, get there kit out and fluff up a number of launches. This is true for both students and high air time pilots based on what I have seen.

My advice...

PLEASE get your wings out NOW, take it to the park and PRACTICE your ground handling. (in particular 'practice launches' )

I just cant say how important it is to keep your ground handling skills up to scratch! It makes Sooooo much difference to the way you 'feel' the wing when flying, and react to events, it just makes you a MUCH better pilot.

Although this reads as a bit of a moan, it's only out of frustration as I see a lot people who should be flying, faffing about on the ground for the simple reason they don't ground handle.

If there are two of you, draw a big square on the field and have wing fights. (see if you can get the other pilots wing down on the ground with your wing.) You learn a massive amount from this (including some aerodynamics) and it is awesome fun.


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You're spot on Simon..........

And after my day with you yesterday, it really brought home the importance of ground handling practice... :(

I awoke this morning with a steely determination to get this sorted- especially the forward launches.. :roll:

Right....I'm off to the park !!! :D:wingover:

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Not wishing to disagree too much with Simon's sentiment but your skills won't completely vanish through lack of air time. I had not flown since 29th Dec then was out a couple of days ago for a nil wind forward launch. The launch went well and I was off first time.

While aloft, the wind picked up to a nice easy reverse launch speed of about 8 mph. After my landing it still seemed too nice a day to pack up the kit so a powered up again and did a bit of practice with about 10 touch and goes. Although not full launches from scratch they are still useful practice.

John Coutts

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