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Best starter battery?


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:idea: Hi folks,

Wondering if anyone could advise me on starter battery options.

I currently (excuse pun) have a 12v 3Ah Lead motorcycle battery weighing just

under 1.5 Kg.

This does not always start from cold, also I don't have in flight charging.

I have been needing to jump start with a car battery which I would think is not

good for the starter motor? - 500+ cranking amps??

The starter motor is 12v 0.25kw so I assume it draws 20 amps?

Anyway I guess I could get a bigger motorcycle battery eg 12v 8Ah although this

is bigger to fit and nearer 3kg.

The engine manufactures recommends 12v 7.5Ah although again this is fairly


Is it possible to use a 14.4v drill battery for example lithium ion or ni


I clearly don't know anything about these things so any suggestions /

experiences for a lighter battery option is greatly appreciated. :idea:

Many thanks


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