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Olympus Fe 26 is junk.


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I got my misses an FE 26 (12 mega pixel ) camera for Xmas.

We have compared the pictures to that of her old 5 mega pixel kodak (about 3 years old) and they are crap (grainy and not in focus) in comparison.

I will eat my food and get some pics up so you can see for yourself. I was expecting amazing pictures, we got worse than we had.

On looking in to it, it turns out that the camera is 'no good' for indoor pictures. ? (given that my wifes job involves taking pictures of the inside of houses... )

All the settings are correct, its just poo.

They are cheep, BUT now I know why.


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I was told by a professional that a carl zies lens with 5 mega pixel is better than a10 or 12 with a cheap lens.
The speed of the lens can certainly makes a big difference Pete, but with digital cameras more often than not it is down to the sensor.

More specifically cameras with larger pixel pitch rather than simply more pixels lead to more sensitivity, dynamic range and lower noise - especially important for indoor photos.

But unfortunately the marketing hype around consumer cameras demands higher and higher megapixel counts - as bigger is better, right. Wrong ! By simply increasing pixel density for the same size sensor you introduce noise, and often sacrifice the actual quality of the image.

My brother bought a cheap 6MP compact camera a while ago, but the quality of the pixels was so crap that he had to reduce the length and width of the images by 50% to get decent pixel quality, which really left him with a 1.5MP camera (6/4) ! By contrast a 2001 Canon EOS-1D with an effective resolution of only 4.15MP (2496 x 1662px), would produce an infinitely sharper picture, with better balanced colour and lower noise due to its much larger sensor size (and pixel pitch).


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