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Merry Xmas to everyone!


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Merry Xmas to everyone who visits, reads, or posts on this forum. :-)

2009 has seen the massive growth, with 656 new members since this time last year (almost 2 a day)

We are the largest most active and fastest growing of all of the UK (and much of the rest of the world) The only I can find with more members is the Big List which we are catching up on each day and will have flewn past by this time next year.

Loads of us have done some awesome flying! We have seen some amazing pictures of members flying from some awesome places. Gordon in Ireland, Dan in Lapland, and of course the Sahara Desert!

2010 is starting off with the France trip for those who are coming.


Everyone comments about this site when they meet me for the first time, "Great site Si", and so on...

I like to remind people the site is just that, it's just a site, some boring code. Without you lot posting messages, asking for help, giving it out, selling your kit and so on, it would be just that.

I realise every day how lucky I am to be able to live my dream and fly/teach for a living, and I realise that its because of you lot that I can continue to do so.




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Seconded....Merry xmas all :D:D

Hope everyone is feeling bloated from too much beer and food.

Personaly I had my fried goldfish yesterday, They do it a little differently here in Slovakia :?

See you guys in the field soon, asuming the car makes it back without freezing.

nazdravia dudes

Colin B

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G'day and merry Xmas from down under.

Hear you're having a cold spell. We had one yesterday - it went down to 32 degrees C. :)

Got to bring my PAP over here next time it would be awesome - brought my PG though. No flying at the local mountain site (Blackheath) due to wind direction but got some coastal flying in north of Sydney.

All the best for the new year. Couple of pics.

The launch at Blackheath. Nice cumulus with massive cloudbase.


Scary cloud. Anyone up for flying? :shock:


Flying Crackneck lookout north of Sydney 1


Flying Crackneck lookout north of Sydney 2


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