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A good friend 'Simon Posford' see http://www.twisted.co.uk/home/ Owns the record company that this link points to. He makes AMAZING music download samples if you have time.


I told him that I was trying to produce a 10 min Paramotoring video, the mother of all Paramotoring vids and he has agreed to produce some music (or let us use one of his new tracks) on it!

So, I have tried to arrange this before and for whatever reason it did not happen.... I think I just got busy

We need a Video person, someone with a good camara, who can fly, to film launches, air to air fiming, ground to air filming, and the same for landings, Clips of wing socks.... snippets from peoples videos...

I know as good as nothing about video stuff so need someone to produce and edit a 10 min video and work with Simon Posford and I to produce a decent video promoting SAFE flying. :D


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Hi Tony and Martin,I have seen you both flying near my house, I also know which field you use.

I have recently completed 3 flights, I have yet to complete my theory exam. However I could do with meeting some people in Aylesbury that I can enjoy flying with.Can someone send me their contact details so that I can get in touch and may be arrange some flying.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the Paramotor Club :D You have done the best possible thing that you could have to find someone to fly with.

If you go to your profile and fill in your location this will help.

I am based in Lambourn which may be a little to far for you, but I know we have a few in Oxford. (maybe say hi in the oxford thread as well)

Again welcome.


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