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Prop Storage

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I have a spare prop that I have repaired and balanced following a 'crap' landing !!!

My question is..............

How does one store the propeller? Vertical or horizontal?

I have it wrapped in bubble wrap (what the replacement prop came in) and it is currently stored horizontally on a shelf in the garage.

Worried about warping, if any?


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The reason to store wood props horizontally, is it stops any moisture contained within the wood from migrating downward. Flat as well as horizontal is best, away from direct heat that might cause warping.

Glass or carbon fibre are impervious in this respect, so tuck them away any which way :0)

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Calling mike1714

Please could you PM me a new working e-mail address so that I can update the system. Did not want to send a PM in case you diddnt get the notification. :-)



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