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i cracked it gx200 mental


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i had to rebuild the gx after the first run up last week.when i first rebuilt it i used the standard conrod.it picked up a gremlin kackerd.so i rebuilt it useing the billet one.i broke the tips of my 3 blade carbon prop as when standing on the frame to start it, it sank enough to hit the ground.i dont care...it ticks over great revs right thourgh the rage 8-9000rpm no way can i hold it in the garden i would say its on par with a black devil that i had but i have not gone full power yet needs running in.i know other people have tried it useing single small props with not much sucess ive used 998mm 3 blade carbon prop 2-1 reduction of a dk wispher its amazing.i need someone with a camcorder to video it to put on youtube,,dan/norbert flyer im calling u can feel the thurst from tickover onwards.i would say anyone building one to go for electric start as starting it in the air may be hard.itsr bloody great.... i use the bolt on kit 10 from affordable go karts in the states.....engine gx200 clone fitted a gx160 head to raise compression/billet conrod and flat top piston/billet flywheel/mikuni carb a must have/ r there any good carbon repairers out there to do my tips..it works/////

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