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Wing graphics- removal


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I know Cage UK has removed logos with sucess, so he will nod at some point I am sure.

One school of though suggests that it may remove some of the protective coatings from the wing as you take it off.

The 'Sticky wing' that you get a free bit of when you buy a wing is much harder to remove than the no rip stop stuff (that just peels off with ease, when wet)



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It's a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong story....

That's ok there's no space restriction on the forum Gordon:)

Yes I have indeed removed a very long web addy from the underside of my Revo 26!

It involved rolls of kitchen paper towel and copious amounts of sticky stuff remover (referred to as SSR here on)!

You will also need a large flat water impervious board ( I used a food tray) and a bowl of water, plus a wet rag and dry towel. Also required...lots of patience.

I had spoken previously to Aerofix who suggested SSR as a possible and they were 'fairly confident' that it wouldn't effect the fabric of the wing.

My method was this...

lay wing with graphic side up. Slide your board between the upper and lower skin of the glider. This will give you a solid base to work from and protect the other skin from all the mucking about.

Start in one corner of the graphic and gently and evenly pull it away from the fabric...This will be very tough to do and the utmost importance should be placed on not stressing the wing fabric. Try to pull as evenly as possible and I used the heel of my hand as a platform to pull from.

If the graphic covers a large area it is probably best to do this in sections. Pull the edge of the graphic away and when you have lifted about 50mm along the edge then cut the edge of the graphic with scissors. This should then continue to tear as you pull the graphic away so you can work on the 'strips' separately.

You could try experimenting by pre-soaking the graphic in SSR but I found it made little or no difference.

Once the area of graphic is exposed there will be a residue of adhesive left...This is the pain in the A^$e.

Get a sheet of paper towel and squirt with SSR. Rub this into the adhesive working small areas at a time. Use the board again as a working base. After the first application use a fresh, dry paper towel to mop up the goo that results.

Repeat the process once again with a fresh soaked paper towel then a dry one. You may even need to repeat this for a third/fourth time!

Eventually the fabric will lose the 'tacky' feel.

When you are happy that you have removed all the adhesive then bathe the area in warm water and immediately dry it with the towel and do the tacky test.

When clean start the whole process with the next 'strip'.

You could remove the entire graphic first then proceed with the adhesive removal but I found it far easier to keep track of progress working on a small area to completion then starting again on the next section.

That is it, in a nutshell.

Perseverance will pay and my wing looks and feels as good as new.

Good luck Gordon and I do not envy you!




Once you have pulled the section

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