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To train UK or Abroad this winter

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This autumn, is it best to go abroad (e.g. Europe, US) to do Paramotor training - for more reliable weather - or to train in the UK - where the weather is less reliable, but it's not as far to travel.

I understand that, if I was to train in the UK, the nearest place for me would be Doncaster (thanks SW).

However, the real question is: this autumn, is it better to go abroad for more reliable weather or to train in the UK (less reliable weather but not as far to travel).

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On flyable days, at this time of year and onwards, you will find that we have some of the most amazing flying days to be had all year round.

My favorite, is the morning mist in the valleys and the solid thick inversions to pop out of the top of....

Any how... 'good, consistant' Training day's in the UK winter (as far as I am concerned at least) tend to be more than through the often bumpy summer months.

This is based on being full time training for almost 3 years.

I vote keep it in the UK.

Point to note....

A recent trip to Spain had almost a solid week of poo weather while the UK enjoyed stunning weather.

Either way... GREAT THAT YOUR DOING IT!!!!!


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You are probably better off with an unlimited training offer which should be well under a grand, that way you can progress at your own speed, I expect that would include use of school kit too. Looking at the weather you should have put your name down somewhere this week and taken time off work as it looks very flyable.

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Miles away from you but FYI as a guide....

I charge £800 which includes the use of the school Parajets and Paramania wings. (soon also an Apco thrust as well.)

It normaly takes people about 10-days to complete a Paramotor Club PPG1 course (So £80 per day if on a day rate.)

There are some courses around that are in the region of £1300-£1500. I think that this is WAY to much to charge. If only because it makes the sport accessable to less people.


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