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Excessive smoke


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Trying to remember what type of motor you are talking about, was it a Simo? We have been running a FB Simo for over 40 hours now at 60:1 and are contemplating going to 65:1 as it is so throttled back it still shows signs of fouling. You are currently planning 40:1 and imply that you also add a bit 'for wife and kids'. No wonder it smkokes and chucks out oil.

By the way, PAP says to run a Ros at 40:1, we run them at 50:1. PAP say to run a Top80 at 50:1, we run them at 65:1. Diego Cecceto, the Top80 designer runs his even leaner on oil than that.

If a leaner mix doesn't resolve the issue then I'd be looking at too low reseat pressure in the carb (assuming its a diaphragm carb). Does it tend to run rich?

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its an MZ34 engine and i have only just picked it up, so am unsure about how it runs as of yet, its just churning out black oil, should it be black?

ps, my walkerjet needs a magneto but they will not respond to my order?! so i had to buy something to fly around in until i get the bits!!

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