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A Raket 120 with a difference

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You might be right Alan. I'm over 3 stone heavier than Dell. Sorry about the closeup man. I hadn't watched it thus far before posting. Very light unit though and that 120 raket engine has a good track record. Not all chaps that want to fly are built like me. Might suit some of the female "would be ppg ers" too

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Hi Dave - I had heard of a new addition to the FT range, but somehow had missed the video.

Loved the video (except closeup :wink: ) - fantastic quality pictures that give a great sense of skimming so low over trees and water.

Agree that this model doesn't look as if it was aimed at likes of us Dave :lol:

Although spec mentions pilot weight up to 240lbs...?

Did find the video header a bit confusing compared to tech specs on webite:

Price: $7998 (vs $5700)

Ceiling: 21,000ft (vs 10,000ft)

Also what with the Jetpack and 100mph reference?

Did you spot that the FT120 model is the only FT without an electric starter?

Good to see them expanding their range, but I will keep saving my pennies for something with a bit more grunt... :shock:



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Yes it baffled me too Andy. We're only allowed to 10,000 ft here anyway and to reach 21,000 you'd need some lift as the motor alone wouldn't do it. I guess if you did get that high there might be strong enough wind to get a 100 mph groundspeed if you went with it on a wing capable of 45 mph or so. Not much point to it really and damned cold up there.!!!!!!! I've been to 6 or 7000 and that was chilly


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