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Garmin etrex summit hc - airmap overlay?


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Thanks Simon,

Have downloaded.... It's a folder full of image files and registry entries

I updated the registry but now map source wont open:(

Minimalistic Installation instructions:

1. Learn to use Mapsource and upload maps to your Garmin

2. Put all these files in one directory

3. Edit airspace.reg or airspace_t.reg and load it into the

Windows Registry (not reqd if using img2gps/sendmap20)

4. View files in Mapsource or GPSMapedit

5. Upload files to GARMIN

6. Select appropriate files on GARMIN

Do the image files open in mapsource or do they need burning to a disk?

Tom :dive:

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Yes can see the gps and using the test connection in img2gps it shows the gps ref number but still will not send the files over.

Have deleted the registry entry for mapsource and that now opens but can't open the .img files in mapsource.

I may be a little confused because it says that I need to edit the registy information before putting into the registry ??

I may give up if I can't sort it out soon.

Tom :tripup:

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This may not be much help and hopefully I'm not teaching Granny to suck eggs :D

When you load the airmaps onto img2gps have you ticked the box to select the maps to upload to your gps?

The erase function is good for jammed gps' but leaves basemap intact.

I think that if you want to see other maps in Mapsource on your PC you may have to do a little hack as there can only be one PC basemap. I found out about this on the web, I'll try to find the link again.

You can download OSM(open source) maps from


I've loaded one onto my GPSmap76CS, it gives street level info.

img2gps from here


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