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Newbie from Kent

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Hello and welcome!

I mostly fly near Maidstone, on the Isle of Sheppey or down on the Romney Marsh and you are very welcome to come along to see what it's all about. I have a few back copies of Paramotormag which I can share with you too.

I would strongly recommend driving up to this weekends fly-in. That way you will get to put a lot of faces to names and see all sorts of wings, motors and other gear. I won't be there though as I'm off to Portugal on Saturday for a week!

Best regards,


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Hi there!!!

Ian, beat me to it!!!!

I fly Swanley area (J3 M25). Tonbridge is just down the road from me 25 minutes.

As Ian suggests, the fly in would be a great oppurtunity to have a wander round and look at the various kit and talk to like minded pilots. I am going there for the full three days, which is my first fly-in.

It would be a worthwhile visit.


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Hi Tim,

Look under events on this forum and then '2nd PMC fly-in'.

This is where it is ......... www.commonleysfarm.com/

It starts tomorrow and ends Sunday.

I will be either on terra firma or up there!!!!!

I am a relative 'newbie' - 11.5 hours but loving every minute of it.

This is my first fly in.

Look out for a blue Land Rover Discovery.

I will have a beginners wing and harness you can have a mess around with...........you will be hooked!!

I have sent you a message but for some reason they are still in my outbox and not gone? This site has just been changed a few hours ago.

See you there mate.


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