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GIN BOLERO PLUS PARAGLIDER DHV 1 size medium - is this any good for a 90kg lump ?? also is it suitable for use with a motor I'm struggling to find any info that makes sense on the gin web site.

is it any good?

I am revaluating my budget for kit so I'm having to look at cheaper options than my original ideas :-( :-( .

Any info would be great.




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Just looked a bit harder and the medium is 85kg-105kg so a 90kg me and a 30?kg motor is going to be well over the top end of the weight range :(

I am no expert, but it is my understanding that you would want a wing that you sit within the recommended free flight weight range without Motor if only free flight weight range is given, on that wing on a medium you are probably a bit heavy anyway. 90 + 20kg approx for wing harness, reserve and boots etc.

I fly an Advance wing bang in the middle of the free flight weight range excluding motor and it is fine when adding the motor. It has a max load rating for use with motor. If you use a free flight wing and are in the middle of the weight range with a motor then its going to be very floaty, very easy to launch in light conditions but a handful to ground handle when its windy. I am trying out a Gin Airflex at the moment and they give a free flight weight range and then a max load, like the advance. Some company's, I think Dudek? give the weight range with motor.

I am fairly sure that the Bolero has been used for motoring and is a nice stable well made wing. on an older wing always try to get one that's been serviced or checked over, when they get porous they can be a pain to launch.

I take it you are training if you have no kit at the moment? If you have an instructor then you should listen carefully to any recommendation he makes. It is not in his interest to sell you the wrong thing or give you bad advice. If you have not got an instructor yet then I would not buy any equipment until you do have one, it could save a lot of expense and hassle, its a nightmare looking at all the different equipment and what is right for one pilot may be wrong for another.


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Use a Bolero plus XL (Lardar5e size) which came over with me from hill flying on the increasingly rare occasions I get out. Easy to groundhandle, stable in flight and nice and slow takeoff speed which is just as well given the state of me. However in flight it is not the fastest wing - more a conveyance for the gentleman paramotorist who is not in a tearing hurry to get anywhere! Very comfortable on landing.

I retrofitted a set of power risers and adjusted the brakes accordingly but no sudden unexpected Tessla-style acceleration discovered.

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I fly paramotor with GIN bolero III(M size,85-105kg,6.0kg), total weight is about 108kg(with 4L gasoline,without reserve, I weigt 71kg, paramotor weigt 24kg), over that down limitation 3kg. it's a little hard touchdown ground when wind is below 2m/s.

bolero plus and bolero III are "brother" and same code size.

Tom weights 90kg,it's not proper to choice M size to be paramotor according to my experience.It had better to select XL Size(115-130kg,6.8kg, 90kg+30kg+6.8kg+3.2kg(reserve,APCO Mayday 20,3.2kg)=130kg).

On the other hand, it's little light for you to fly free paraglider(90kg+6.8kg+15kg(harness)+3.2kg(reserve)=115kg), may bring water bag if wind is breeze.


Just looked a bit harder and the medium is 85kg-105kg so a 90kg me and a 30?kg motor is going to be well over the top end of the weight range :(
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