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Byfield & Bloxham Fliers


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Hi Guys,

I see in an earlier thread there is a club flying from ground at Byfield and also I think from Bloxham. Are you open to any new members?

I live in Leamington Spa and I'm looking for a site to fly from and hopefully other fliers to join up with.

It would be great to hear from someone and hopefully meet up some time.

Thanks and regards


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we have a web site but you will need to type http://www.soldenhil.org or soldenhill paramotor club on face book.

Failing all of the above craigcutler@btconnect.com

Yes its the same hill Paul uses.

We are just renewing the site membership so will let you know how much the dreded membership is.

So long as your qualified, new members are more than welcome.

Bloxam is a site but not part of Solden hill, You would need to talk to them if you wish to fly there.


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The Bloxham sites are not Solden hill club sites, they are Antony & Tony Washy`s own use sites. Like the fields that I use around Chippy, I think they are happy to fly with other pilots from them, on an invitation only basis!

But as with all sites, they are hard to get in the first place! & keep everyone happy, establishing No Fly Zones. Just like Solden Hill, we are told where not to fly, aren’t we!

One of the fields I use at Chippy was lost because an unknown pilot flew from it & kept buzzing the land owners neighbours & when the land owner approached him when he landed he said “he thought that it would be all right to fly from there, because he had seen me fly from there!!

p.s. Did I here there was a Solden Hill members meeting soon? Would you pm me details if so?


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Hello Paul, yes your right Bloxam is a seperate site and not part of the Solden site.

sorry for the wrong information. Did we meet a couple of weeks ago at the back of Banbury in the air.

we are just sorting out the field for the new year, will let you know.


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Hi Craig,

yes we did meet in the air around Banbury, after which I headed off back to Chippy. To help you put a name to my face. I am a member of Solden Hill, I helped you find your helmet cam in the snow when Sam lost it early part of the year. Look on your facebook Friends, (Paul Wallington). Do you know now?

p.s. was the video from the helmet cam ok?


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Hello Paul,

yes I remember. The cam was fine, recon we should tie the cam up in the lines next time.

Dave had a meet with the field owner today so we should know by the end of the week.

I never thought that there where so many paramotor pilots around the area. getting quite a response on people wanting to join.


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