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Strange question

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First of all this is the first time I've posted here so Hello to everyone.

This might seem a strange question but I've been wanting to take up paramotoring for years but have never had the money to do anything about it until now. Problem is I'm off to America to work for a couple of months and was tinkering with the idea of learning out there, taking advantage of their better weather. Is it worth me doing this or will the American qualification mean nothing when I return to the UK??


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Hi Phil,

Try the here.



These two resources should at least give you a starting point for your research. PPG is similar the world over, there are differences in training systems and philosophies but nothing beats a good instructor and excellent weather. It means that you can fly rather than just talk about it.

When you return to the UK having flown a bunch of hours safely you will better know how to slot into a UK system of your choice as it will be informed.

Good luck!

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Looking at the landscape on Google earth, Phil, I would say it might be a good place to have some lessons in free flight if you want to make use of the hills. I notice there is also a vast area of flatter land to the south so some smooth air might be likely for motor flight too. Have made an enquiry for an instructor recommendation. They're asleep right now so I'll let you know later.


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Thanks for the replies. We've just arrived here. I've tried to complete my EP (twice) but didn't get much air time due to bad weather. I've had my own wing for a while, which I've practised GH with. Am becoming a little frustrated at the lack of progress in the UK hence tying in learning to paramotor with working out here. Will look into PG & PPG schools in the local area, now I've got some ideas where to start, and see who looks good.

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