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Altimeter what Altimeter

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Good morning shame about the weather, Start my training next week, with sky school, And I am thinking about altimeters which is the best altimeter for paramotoring,nice and simple to read and the best place to buy,Also I have got a Magellan GPS Pioneer will this be ok for paramotoring. Many Thanks Geoffw.

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I'm really pleased with my Suunto Vector wrist altimeter/baro/compass. You can set the sea level pressure to QNH if you need to. It's rugged (although the black shows up scratches quickly) and the display is pretty good, although in hindsight I would have gone for the black on white display rather than white on black.

As I wear it on my wrist I never forget it, and no need for extra bits when flying.

I bought it off a fleabay site in the USA and ended up quids in.

If you were going to do any free flying, then I would buy an altimeter /variometer as this will be of use to you without an engine. That said, if you have plenty of dosh, the Brauniger IQ Motor Vario will also do your RPM and Cylinder head temp as well, all in the one unit. So if you are intending to fit either of those instruments, it can become more cost effective.

Pretty much any GPS will be fine as long as you can programme in routes. A pucka aviation one is a 'nice to have' as it makes it easier to avoid any airspace we are barred from.

Hope that helps, Phil

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