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Wing And A Chair - online

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Hey folks...

My last bit of unauthorised advertising here :wink: ....Wing And A Chair is online.

I'm now able to sell the t-shirts I showed on here a few weeks ago.

I've got the first two designs available and they should be available here on the PMC shop soon.

I will be ordering the next few designs when I have sold some of these. They are £20 each (which I thought was a reasonable price, looking at high-street prices and considering I'm a small business) and are printed using DTG printing which is the ink printed directly onto the fabric. It's durable and can be ironed and more importantly looks good! :D

I hope you'll like them. They've had good comments from my friends and people who've seen them at BBQ's recently! :lol:

Ok...that's it...now I just need to do some proper paid-for advertising! *sigh* :roll:

Steve Haze

Wing And A Chair

Paramotoring & Paragliding T-Shirts


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Yep, they are heavyweight 6.1oz cotton, Gildan Ultra Cotton. (or in the case of the black ones, a slightly different make so as to ensure the print looked good...but same quality).

I didn't want them to be thin flimsy stuff as I intend to wear mine under my flight suit :D

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  • 1 month later...

Nope...had 0 sales through my website and the PMC... :(

Sold a couple through Ebay...but that's it....

That plus the printers are having problems printing on dark t-shirts.

Apparently there are only 3 of these DTG printers that can print on black/dark in the country and they have software issues! :(

I still have some of the black and blue ones left, but only a few.

Was considering doing something with aerial photos similar to this....


but I'd have to sell some more before that. I don't think there is really a market, which is disappointing.


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