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Ariel Atom


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Not a hope I am afraid :-(

Wife's parents are moving down here and I am helping. If flyable which is not looking likely I will have to be teaching.

I would like a P2 plat in the Atom I have to say.

I have driven many fast cars, most like the Atom I suppose would be the Radical SR3, I spent 4-days at SPA with JK's Driving Instructor with the P1 club a few years back.... 4-days of blatting around SPA in an SR3 getting quicker every time!!!with only 4 other SR3's on the track. (you should look at the P1 club!) www.p1international.com The site is very cool!

Gruuuuuu I can see me getting a bike again you know!! And I blame you! you and your fun Atom.

I stopped riding bikes on the road when it started getting silly at a 320bhp road legal bike that I rode to work and back during the week and then drag raced with the Nitrous Oxide at the weekends.

But I feel the urge....

Maybe if I will hire a Noble or Caterham for a few day's will fix it?


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They are now doing a limited run of V8 Atoms - WOW !! Mark you better start saving :)

Race setup is 500bhp at 10,600rpm.

Couple that to the fact that the Atom V8 only weighs 550kg, and performance is seriously brisk. 0-62mph takes less than 2.3 seconds, with 100mph from rest taking just 5.4 seconds.

In road mode, top speed is 170mph which stretches to 200mph in race setup. The power to weight ratio is in excess of 900bhp per tonne, easily beating the Ferrari Enzo’s 434bhp per tonne and Bugatti Veyron’s 530bhp per tonne.


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