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Bailey 4 stroke 178cc PPG


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The extra weight makes you improve your ground handling skills so that you make sure you take off the first time!

I got my 175 in November and have done 12 hours on it so far.

I did have an 'engine out' last week. I found that the fuel pipes that connect to the in line fuel filter were loose. They were simply pushed on and the engine vibration had made them work loose and leak. 2 cable ties have sorted that though.

I have been caught out a couple of times with flat batteries. As the Bailey only has an electric start, I now have to carry around some jump leads and a spare battery. Some people say you shouldn't start a motor unless its on your back. I still haven't worked out how you do this when you have to jump start it. Once its started, I run it for a no more than a minute. This seems to put enough charge into the battery to start it on its own. I would never start it by getting someone else to spin the prop as it is too dangerous.

Other than that, I think it is a great machine. Bruce at Bailey's is great at after sales service and always helpful.

I hope this helps.

Where abouts in OZ are you?


Bailey 175

Dudek Synthesis 34

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i own a bailey 175 and love it

owned and flown for last 18 months

build quality is excellent

reliability is second to none

if you buy one, you will not be disappointed

don't worry about the weight, everyone moans about the weight cos its a 4 stroke

so long as you can get off 1st or 2nd go you will be ok,

the weight is not an issue once the wing lifts you

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Actually weighed my Adventure F3 last night, and once you include the harness, it is within a Kg of the Bailey. To be quite honest I was gob smacked, and kind of pleased as the Bailey will be my next motor. Given the lighter fuel load that you can get away with, with the Bailey, I will actually be setting off lighter, than on the Adventure with my 'long range' tank.

Being a four stroke, I might even start tinkering on my own fuel injection system.

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