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Brake handles

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Evening all,I had my 5th flight on sunday around banbury area,it was absolutley amazing,we had two buzzards fly with us for about 2mins,could'nt beleive what i was seeing! Then there was two other paramotor pilots in the distance which one came over for a flyby(hello if your on here!) As the sucject states i cant make up my mind as to whether i prefer the hard plastic rods inside my brake handles(reaction) or not,i seem to being swaying to the 'fly without' scenario! anyone else have any thoughts? also ive tested (on the ground) to see if they would fit through the netting of my motor without rods in but i would have to physically squeeze them through first! As with the flying it seems to have more feedback etc as to the wings movements. gaz 8)

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My reason,

Removal of the bar from the throttle hand, ensures that no bar can be caught in your throttle during launch. The throttle its self will offer similar 'support' to that of the bar.

No need to remove the other side so why bother, it stops the handle from wrapping around your hand and cutting off blood to your fingers making your hand cold.

Hope this helps.

Good to see you back in the forum Gazza C

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I think im gonna try them out again this sunday,after a long search for finding a nearby field i may have well of stumbled across one! a friend of a friend owns some big fields and was explaining to him earlier what i do and what im desperatley in need of! He has a 1000 acre flat grass field 5 mins from my house!!! so hopefully its gonna be a yes to use it! hope everyone gets a fly this wkend,gaz

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