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All, what a great day for weather and flying buddies. good to put names to faces once again. especially the comical ones on this forum (didnt reckognise you Dave LOL ) Anyway the good news is l had a good flight but stayed local as my motor wasn't quite right (first flight since Parajet fixed it) and just before my landing approach my engine finally packed in. On inspection found there was no compression so it looks like it could be the piston again.

Popping it down to Parajet on Monday.

Back to a waiting game again l suppose, but glad to get out today. it's been a long wait.

It was just like a Fly-in day with at least a dozen motors either in the air or groundhandling, Three pilots flew in from other areas as well.

Looking forward to a fixed flyable motor and getting down to the flag pole once again. The weather this year has promised to be a corker. (well we live in hope eh!)

Safe flying

Regards Mike 8):roll::wink:

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well after I watched the others I thought why the hell is mine so bloody heavy, when I have my cold weather gear on (nothing more than a body warmer) and the reserve and a full tank I am sure its about 40kg, I cannot do more than about 4 attempts at taking off before I need to take a break, luckily I got away ok yesterday.

I went out towards that tower and then over to the white horse (its not white and doesnt much look like a horse from 3000ft)

Will have to go for a flight together next time your up there

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With all the activity reported at the flag pole over the weekend I felt something was definately missing from my weekend.

Wind, wind, wind, lots of wind......oh bu**er :x

Well I got one in yesterday evening, short but sweeeet :!:

Got up to the local field, the wind was still quite strong but the direction was good. I did all the usual preflight, flying suit on then a little waiting until the breeze was in my comfort zone for a forward launch.

I had got into a slight habit of relying too much on the motor to assist with inflation so I now put more physical effort into the inflation with consistent good results.

I was off the ground in my shortest run ever then as I climbed I found the air was quite bumpy at a few hundred feet, but enjoyable to be feeling what the wing was doing. I got to 1000 feet and realised that on this flight I certainly wasn't going to actually go anywhere, but what the hell it's still flying :D My wing is a slow one.

As I sat there in mid air I studied the fields below and mentally traced the walk I had done last week through some of them. I had thought at the time that some of these fields would be very good take off sites.

I then turned to get the T/O field back into sight, went downwind a short way, turned again and then found I was sat there flying sideways at a very slow rate. I had not experienced this before but rather enjoyed just drifting slowly and studying the local fields. Almost hovering I thought.

I did another circuit, lots of small S turns (more enjoyment) to get down then a great landing in the middle of the field. A short walk back to the car and Michel was waving from the gate so had a quick chat about the flight.

Another one for the log and a return of the tigger jig feeling, whoopee :D

Wishing everyone more good flights,


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