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My own stupid fault but I had my 28 Revolution in peach in its bag on the back seat of my car in King Street, St James's, London, stepped out to get better reception on my mobile and when I turned around to look at the car it had gone. If anyone gets offered a brand new wing please or reads about it etc please let me know. Please spread the word and forward this email to wherever you think will help.

Now I guess I'll see if my insurance covers me - but I doubt it.


Keith Negal

07595 534380

Pete b

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You must be the unluckiest b*****d in the world!

Are you sure that someone doesn't have it in for you????

At least the first insurance claim sounds like it's getting somewhere.

If I can do anything, just ask.

Best regards,


Not mine thai time ,just put it up for everyone to keep an eye out. :D:D

Pete b

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