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Hello all and happy new year.

I have been looking into Paramotoring for some time now and think it's due time i got myself some training, as soon as the weather gets better that is.

I was wondering what training is availible in our area Wells, Somerset.

For now it's just me but i have 2 others that are really interested also we are based apon the mendips not to far from pen hill mast, so i was wondering if there are any flight ristrictions in this area?

Thankyou Simon.

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Hi Simon,

Wells is close to me, I live in Babcary just North of Yeovilton. The Somerset Branch cannot train as we don't have an instructor but if you need help ground handling and want to watch others flying and talk PPG we hope to be in that position by the summer time. I have feild near Yeovilton that I can use when the Navy are not flying or closer to me when they are.

When you start in this game time spent on the ground with your wing is both a bundle of fun and excellent value as you build essential skills and cut down your training time before flight.

All we need is weather and time... two commodities that are in short supply at the moment. :lol:

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Gave my cousin (farmer's son) my spare hill harness so he can practise groundhandling. Trouble is he got good at it and quickly worked out that, if the wind is North, and coming straight up his steepest field, he can fly well into his neighbours fields next door." Cleared the fence by 30 feet" he said. "Might not get enough lift next time" I said. Sure enough,another phonecall from an excited cousin, but this time he'd draped the wing over the barbed wire. Time for an instructor

or a motor!!

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Hi Simon

A friend of mine (doesn't use the forums) in Weston has recently started flying over the mendips and cheddar gorge etc, I plan to join him when the weather gets a bit warmer so stay in touch on the forum and you'd be welcome along to watch. I think your nearest instructor (that I'm aware of) would be Simon that owns this site and operates out of Lambourn near Swindon, or you could do as myself and several others have and take to Spain or Portugal to train with more reliable weather and a good chance of first flight within a week holiday!

By the way, I live at Chipping Sodbury and there are a few of us around so not too far for you!



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So any flight restrictions off the top of the mendips? i noticed and i know nothing about air maps as yet but thee is a big diamond lined box surrounding most of the mendips and county.

I beleive it has something to do with Yeovilton Air base and low flying at night or something, could someone please explain.

When im trained would be lovely to be able to just take off from the fields we have around us, but im not sure of the square around us on the map.

Hope i made some sense.

Cheers Simon.

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Hi Simon,

Welcome to the second best fun activity in the world, you can start your training now by looking out the window and hoping ;-) Most of us do more of that than flying.

Seriously, if you can find a biggish field near you we can use, I think I can find a few from Bath/Bristol to visit it and you :-) As Norman mentioned, most places have times when it is safer to use or not use.

I live in Bath and will happily show and share with you what I have learnt about the various motor and wings available, and lend you a few books. Maybe try some ground handling on the racecourse if you want?

As far as training, if you have the time/cash do as Malc suggests and go abroad. If not then I'd go and meet Simon at Lambourne and Paul Williams in South Wales and see who you get on with. It I learnt with Piers Dent from Stroud a few years, but I'm not sure he is still teaching. Another angle would be to find a paragliding instructor to teach you to ground handle first then move to motor.

Following the BHPA traing route may have some advantages if you want to use their sites and get a license that will allow you to fly abroad.

Happy to discuss, either email pauldotwatworldatbtinternetdotcom or call 07710 724 322



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Hi Simon and others in Somerset.

You would be very welcome to come over to my farm at Lympsham just south of Weston and talk paramotoring and try ground handling.

I have been flying for 18 months and would love to meet up with anyone else who is flying in the general area.

Great coastal flying along miles of sandy beaches 5 mins from takeoff along Brean, Berrow, Burnham and inland.

Looking at my airmap you are OK flying in the Wells area but go North more than a few miles and you would soon be getting into Bristol airspace. Great flying south though over the levels to Glastonbury and beyond.

I was also taught by Piers Dent and would certainly recommend him if he is still training. If there are a few of you and you have a good field then you may be able to get an instructor to come to you.

Kind Regards Mat Boley

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