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Its ment to be a bing 32-but its a few mil bigger, The jets are 155, .it ticks over ok,and no power at all when throttle is opened. just brrrrr flat as a pancake.do u need the high power exhaust for the bing to work .FRESH BREZZE say the jets should be 145-150-155 .

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May help for generality/math projected sizing.

Did you lean out the jet needle clip setting?

That is, put the clip on the top of the jet needle?

(both for midrange only)

There is a fellow in Alaska who has settled on a reliable in flight mixture adjustment setup. I've been trying to sort whether he'll do it for an 84 as well.

http://www.ultralightnews.com/enginetro ... arrow2.htm

With 54s and 84s used with great success on the solo, a 32 should work ok too? Once jetting is sorted.

Best advise I can offer is:

Jet your idle (if necessary)

Jet your WOT (wide open) setting

Then tune your midrange. (needle jet, and/or clip settings)

My 84 on the mini2 (same displacement, more power) has a 156 main.

FWIW prices for needle jets and mains and anything else bing is cheapest from bing.

Order a couple more on each end of what you think you need as shipping fee is for a breadbox sized box.

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Jock, I have a Fresh Breeze with a solo 210 and Bing carb.

The needle and jet size is also dependant on the air intake muffler that is fitted.

When I changed my old horizontally mounted muffler (worn out) with the new vertically mounted one I was advised to change from the original needle and 155 jet to a 160 jet and 6L1 needle, which I did.

The clip is on the top position of the needle.

I have the high power exhaust but can't say what difference a standard one would make or need to the carb setting as I have never tried it.


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if you have not changed the air filter or exhuast then you should not need to change the jets too far off what they originaly were in the stock carb, if you know of a good mechanice who owns a lambda sensor then tune it using that, a plug chop is ok but does not really tell you what you carb is doing throughout its rev range.

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