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Hi all,

I have a couple of flying sites in my diary including Lambourn as the no 1. Also locally where l live there is a couple near Basingstoke.

The question is there is a site near Mychett/Normandy/perhaps Puttenham which is on the left hand side of the Hoggs Back going towards London. A friend said he has seen several fly over this area, but for the life of me l can't find it. Does anyone know of this site or the Farmer/landowners tel number.

Many thanks Mike.

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Hey Mike

BARRY GARDINER is the site owner of the farm and he says you can fly from his 10 acre field and camp also.

Grid ref: SU 943 498

He charges £8 per day £12 for the w/end (2 days) and if you camp flying is free (Nice & flat)

1 toilet and 1 shower facility.

Very friendly chap and great site.

Tel 07884 261108


All this info was taken from http://www.pendleppg.co.uk and I intend to try and fly from there once I get some more experience, so hope to meet you there sometime too.


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Cool, will be in touch....

I was on my way to Lambourn on Saturday when Simon said the weather was going downhill there so I decided to do some ground handling since the kit was in the car. Windsor Great Park was the next signpost I passed so headed down there to find miles of police tape and foot and mouth signs. Went to the far end to turn round and found the r/c club car park open and people out and about so parked up to have a look. Couldnt believe my eyes when a Dudek wing came up and sailed passed the car park.

Grabbed my wing and went to say hi, turned out it was Steve who I met a week earlier on Simons taster day, so we spent the afternoon running up and down having loads of fun.

We had the park police turn up and have a go at us, he thought we were going to fly so it took a bit of explaining that we just had BIG kites, he just did not like the look of us with harnesses & helmets !

After I met Steve I popped round to the Guildford site to check it out but I think I drove past the campsite on the gravel track as I had only memorised the place from a glance at a map, did see someone flying though, following the Hogs Back south, looked very nice up there.

Nice pic of the park:


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Hi Ian, Yep, be great to meet up, whether its Lambourn or Homestead. Have met Barry Gardner at last yesterday for the first time and his field looks great for flying and found Barry very pleasant and helpful.

Not sure if my mobile number is available but Simon has it anyway.

I mainly fly Sunday and Mondays as l normally work on a Saturday.

Regards Mike

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Ian & Mike, should we join the crowd and add a "Surrey Branch" under the regional clubs ? I have not flown from Barry's place yet so the decision rests on your input.....it won't be required for the Tip To Top plan (unless the guys nav skills get rusty) but could be useful to add regional information etc ???

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Hi Dan, although l have been introduced to Barry l, as well have not flown the site yet as every PPG flying day has been either at Simon's or Basingstoke, but yes your idea is good but as you say a bit off the beaten track for the tip to tip. :)

Regards Mike.

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