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I cant stop laughing


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Im sorry dave but i dis-agree with you my friend?!!

This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion and i cant believe its reached the levels it has!! Surely there must be more important things for our news/papers/politicians to be waffling on about!!! :D

How would you like that said about your wife/daughter??????

Pete b

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The word is that they showed the piece they wanted to run to 'Manuel' and he said in a forthright manner that he didn't want it broadcast. OK, so his daughter does sing with the 'Satanic Sluts' but that is Show Business; what they did was foul imho....

But I guess it takes all sorts - me, I would consider legal action to defend the name of my daughter. I reckon Bob G was right when he referred to RB as a C.... when he made a pitch for HIS daughter.

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I heard the broadcast on Itunes before the whole fuss was raised, i know 'Brand' can be blunt at the best of times, but when i heard Ross and the 'F' word i thought - hang on now... you can't say that! It just progressively got worse from that point.

The thing that amazes me further is the BBC have published transcripts of the whole thing on their website, so even if you avoided the show, you're definetly going to be subjected to it eventually.

Everyone and their dog has jumped on the bandwagon since and added their sixpence worth- mainly because of their hatred towards Ross and Brand, not out of genuine dislike but probably jealousy or begrudgery.

Inevitibly, all the negative publicity will probably work in their favour in the longtern- if Brand is anything to go by then he's no stranger to conrovercy.

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