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Buying paramotor's abroad, cheaper

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Being new to Paramotoring, only had my first flight last week :) . But now i am looking to buy my own kit, being on a limited budget i have to look around for the best deals. I cannot affford to buy new so i am looking to buy second hand. Browsing the internet looking at differant sites to see what is on offer i came across a site in Thialand that will send a new Paramotor to the U.K. for 3400 US$ :shock: . Has anyone had any dealings with Skydragon Thialand.

Are they geniune,


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Hi there and welcome!

My slant is be carefull.

1) I think you will still pay import tax and VAT.

2) If it goes wrong, how will you get it fixed, setup and parts?

3) Beware of how you pay.

In my opinion it would be better to get good instruction here in the UK and see if your instructor knows of any good deals, or if you purchase second hand get him to look over it before purchase. Most equipment mistakes are made in the early days of learning to Paramotor. Look on this website for second hand sales and another good place is http://www.paramotorsuk.co.uk/ I also think buying a good wing is first, as you can ground handle and really get used to that. Once you can do that well, then adding a motor is next.

This is only my opinion of course.

Any ways best of luck with it all.


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Whilst putting something like warrenty return on a parcel may work, technically you are still liable for import duty and VAT on any import over £18.00

I once spent weeks arguing with HMRC because they stung me for an item from the USA that was just over $18.00 but I did get my money back in the end.

As PeteB says, you will also have to pay a collection fee to the courier too, (Usually 10% but I heard of more) and that is also subject to VAT.

Generally speaking Barclaycard covers purchases made abroad, so if you have no other recourse you can make a claim through them. It might be usefull to check if your credit card offers a similar safety net.

Personally, I would prefer to buy here in the UK. With more dealers signing agency contracts with manufacturers it makes more sense to go for the peace of mind. I know a very nice farmer in Devon who sells the excellent Flat Top :wink:

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