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For those of you who would like a reserve,

I am now a dealer for the GIN range of products which includes:

Gin One G ;Reserve' ’42’ 100 – 130 Decent rate @ 130 = 4.5 ms. Retail £480 (INCLUDES FREE FLIGHT DECK AND ALL REQUIRED CONNECTIONS)

Please call to order.


07983 428 453 (mobile)

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Just so I have this clear...

4.5m/s is 10.1 miles per hour which is the equivalent of jumping from a height of about 7' 5"

Plus I've got the weight of the motor etc. so it is going to feel harder.

I know it is saving my life but that really is in the class of "don't do it unless you really have to."

Do you have one at your place Simon so we can see what we're getting?


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I have got one here yes but only becasue I used one (smaller) for my free flying.

The Reserve will come with deployment bag for front mounting and the Y Bridle and fittings.

The point you raised about the decent rate is what I looked for the most out of the reserves when I was A) buying my own and B) advising to others to do the same.

The Gin Reserve has the BEST decent rate of all of the current market options. The decent rate is calculated at the reserves max loading of 130kg.

Hope this helps :D

Nice to see your back in front of a PC again Stuart all this holiday stuff is no good for you, you know!

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