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endlessly flooding parajet

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Hi, I wonder if anyone here can help me. I've had my parajet volution now for about 15 years and it's always been good as gold. I actually used to work for parajet building volutions when I got it.

Recently It became harder and harder to start so I did the following.. 

stripped and cleaned out the carb, new 98octain fuel and racing oil, replaced all gaskets, checked compression (good) new spak plug, spark plug cap, new CDI unit - good spark, striped and cleaned all parts and replaced all gaskets.

Now it won't start at all. not even a ping. It feels like I might as well be trying to run it on water! After a bit of cranking with alternating choke on and off I get fuel literally pooring out of the joints in the exhaust! 

Low jet needle is set to 1 1/4 turns, also tried on 1 1/2 turns. tried with easystart, still nothing. It seems like its just sucking in waaay too much fuel somehow and flooding before it can spark. I don't think it's a timing issue. I can't imagine the little half mood timing key shearing very easily. also I did get it to splutter into life once a while back for a minute or so before dying again so it certainly wasn't a timing issue at that point. 

On the carburettor side, when I stripped the Carb it diddn't have the 'optional' semi circular mini diaphragm at the bottom of the fuel metering side in it, so when i rebuilt it, I left it without as I had found it.

I can't think how or why the carb would be flooding the engine in this way before it can spark.

any suggestions welcome! 



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Only thing I can imagine is the crank case has a pool of fuel in it.
Saw something similar, recently, on a snowmobile engine... Total mystery, everything looked good but nothing.
Drained the fuel out of the crank case, fired right up.

There are scenarios where the tank can pressurize (or in gravity fed) and a poor seal allows fuel to run into the crank case when sat.

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I had a parajet volition macro  for 7years  a very reliable motor, but a did have a problem very similar to yours wouldn't start up flooding, fuel dripping out of the exhaust joints,then would run for a short while then would not restart, and flood out,!!! remedy for me was to replace the magneto,as the  last post said get all the fuel out of the crankcase, and you will be sorted.

Hope this gets you flying....

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