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Free Taster Day.

admin (Simon W)

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Do you know someone who is thinking about taking up Paramotoring?

I have decided to make the taster day that I offer a freebie on the 26th of August and September the 1st.

So if you know someone who is thinking of starting the sport....

Bring them along and we will make sure they have a great taste of what to expect.

Let me know if you intend to bring someone so that I can keep a grip of the numbers :D:D

Please spread the word out far and wide Office notice boards, other forums you may use, e.t.c :D

Anyone reading this wanting more information please call me on 07983 428 453



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To all who turned up for the Paramotor taster day at Lambourn. It went very well indeed and everyone had a good chunk of fun.

We can welcome a new face to the club and the sport as a result and one more in 'thinking' mode to decide.

This taster day has been an eye opener to me, and I am now convinced that charging for a taster day makes for bad business. If you know someone who is interesteds in the sport keep an eye on this forum for more free tasters. (the next is on the 1st of September)

Thanks Colin & Dan for the help as well !!!

Now guess where I am going??????? back up the field for a nice early fly in the cool air followed buy more teaching.


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Many, many thanks for a great taster day. Was good to finally meet you and to learn many of the different aspects by seeing and having a more hands on approach - beats looking it all up on the internet, any day!

A big thankyou also to Dave, who gave many handy, helpful tips, to newbie Gavin who made some mistakes first, so I could then make them myself and know that we all do it, and to all 3 of you who must have felt like rudolph, trying to get fat santa into the air, when trying to rope tow some space between my feet and the ground!

I can only recommend you to anyone else I see and talk about paramotoring to and rest assured, any extra work I can do will go into my parajet collection pot - I have caught the first part of the bug and I want the rest.

Thanks for all your kind words, I'm not as sure as you that I was that good, but I did leave with a big smile on my face.

Hoping that the weather remains good,


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