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Normally I'm not one to complain about spelling on internet forums, mainly because my spelling is pretty awful at times, and I'm not the internet police. But personally, I wish people would refrain from 'text speak' on the forums, as there is no limit to the letters you can use, you can take your time composing, often with built in spell checking, and thirdly because it can at times be incomprehensible. Just a thought, and it might just affect the response you get.

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Have to agree with you there Phil. I don't confess to being holier than thou and use a bit of text language on the mobile but purely because my sausage fingers take ages to type a text properly.

ders no need 4 any1 2 do it on an internet forum m8 :D

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Ref Chesterfield,

I know a friendly farmer at Inkersall just off Junction 29 (used to live there)

He was happy to let me fly my Paramotor ( and I even had a few Heli lessons from his land! ) as long as I got him the occasional crate of beer.

Please call

O and Welcome the forum.


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Hi Bigbell,

Welcome to the forum. It is a VERY FRIENDLY club to be part of. Plenty of great people here. I agree 'txt spk' is for the mobile but dont get the wrong impression from the lads! Why not try and come down to the fly in party this weekend and meet a few? All different ages, opinons and lifestyles which makes up such a good, interesting and fun club. :D

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That would be awfully nice to spend some air time with you my friend..............wud b gr8 ma8 flyin wid u 'sted of thez old fartz!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


Pete b :D:D

Now then Pete, no textese please !!!

WTF???? Wild Thing Francis? Windy to Fly? Wobbly Tit Fancier?

you should speak plain english on the forum.

NB The above is an ancient dialect of Oxwiltberkfordshire ,,,,,,,

spoken only in the darkest covens of Ashbury-upon-Pentangle

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