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Has anyone heard of Nitro 200 broken crankshaft ?


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Has anyone heard of this?

I believe I have a broken crankshaft on my Nitro 200.

The motor runs but the pulley end does not spin, and I am trying to figure out how to remove the pulley before splitting the case.  When I lock the starter wheel end of the crankshaft the pulley end just spins so I am unable to remove the bolt holding the drive pulley on.

I have ~280 hrs on this engine

Any idea how much a new crankshaft will cost?


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That's an odd one...
I would think that either the pinion pully (+ broken crank end) would drop out OR the crank would be slamming into the crank case when you spun it up.
I cant* see it having two bearing on the output shaft so I am stumped on this one.

I am assuming it isn't a clutched output?

An impact nut driver would get the nut off, Just grip the pully with you hand (maybe wear gloves) and let the impacts do its work.
Take it to a tire repair shop with a packet of chocolate Hobnobs, I would think one of those guys will spin it off for you :)  

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I have just changed the small ribbed crankshaft pulley on mine and it's a tight bugger to get the pulley off

I even messaged Laurent in France how to do it as Alex is away at the moment

My method was to tighten a bearing seperator onto the middle of the pulley and then attached a two leg gear puller to the bearing seperator and applied a lot of pulling tension

I then heated the small pulley with a hot air gun for a good 10 minutes

Whilst it was all very hot I then gave the gear puller tension screw bolt head a good tap with a hammer and the pulley pinged off the taper

I'm now awaiting a M10 x 1.0mm thread die to tidy up the threads on the crankshaft as the nut hot a bit chewed

Hope that helps

Mine is an unclutched one - there is a good YouTube video on removing the clutched version


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49 minutes ago, gcoron said:

Thanks everyone for the info.

So, can anyone tell me where to purchase a new crankshaft and gasket(s), etc?

What other things should I do while I have it apart? Bearings, reed valve?

Contact Custom Air Paramotors based in Rayne Essex

Alex is UK dealer and sound bloke

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Late update:

'Twas indeed broken output end of crankshaft. And it seems I have an older model of the Nitro 200. Ser# stamped on the case is 1022.

When I received the new crankshaft (from Eric Dufour of Paratour) I found it was NOT identical to the original: different drive side to fit the 6 arm clutch vs. my original 5 arm clutch, and keyed shaft and magnetic flywheel vs. my unkeyed shft/magnetic flywheel.

The flywheel was destroyer during removal and it appears it was epoxied onto the taper (see dark green resin glob in pic).

Required a puller and heat from a torch to pop it off

Anyway, lessons learned.


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