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Disfunction in Paramotor universe

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I'm a corporate pilot and flight instructor for general aviation aircraft. I've been researching paramotoring for a couple of weeks  with the goal of learning to paramotor and have fun flying again. During my research I've been amazed and dismayed at the amount of negativity and vitriol that major players in paramotoring display towards each other. I've been told that if you don't train with me and fly my equipment you'll most likely die, nobody else knows anything and my way is the only way, so and so is only in it to monetize his website. 

Frankly, I'm used to a more helpful aviation community and don't understand the mindset of the paramotor world. Seems kinda tribal to me.

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15 minutes ago, Gregg said:


Listen to your Dell's and Kurt's with a healthy dose of skepticism (sound like you already do)
Mostly (like any niche activity/collective) folks are quick to attempt to help and encourage each other on the endless learning journey that flight is :)
Keep the faith, more people than not are made of splendid stuff.

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