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What paramotor to match wing?

Ben Robinson

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Will you fly at high elevation or will you plan on flying tandams at any point? If the answer to either of these is yes, I would recommend a vittorazi moster 185 or equivalent power. Your at a weight where you could go with a vittorazi atom, but unless you really need the extra flight time, I would probably stick with the moster. Other possible engines would be the Minari F1 if you need a bit extra power and don't need a clutch, or maybe an eos 150 which is somewhere between the two vittorazi engines in power.

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There is not a requirement to match a motor to a wing, they are independent. The only interaction is to do with how difficult take off is. With a smaller motor you have less thrust helping you as you run and the take-off is longer. Having a larger wing (or being light on it) makes the take-off speed so lower, so is easier with a small motor. I know heavy people who fly small wings with Top80.

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but it's lighter..It's coming down to a preference i believe. Everything has a tradeoff. I would have personnaly flown a top 80 but my all up weight is 120kg on a 80-120kg  22.5m wing which i had to be at full power to climb with the top80.


Like what Andy said the wing and the engine are independent so at the end of the day its a preference 


you might want to consider local customer service and parts availlability

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