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Nats2008 Paramotor comps.


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I got back last night from a day / night / morning at the UK paramotor nats 2008.

It was great to hook up with some of you that I have not had the chance to meet so thanks for popping over to say hi :D

I thought the comp was very well organised indeed! There were lots of people, pilots spectators, and the people in yellow jackets did a great job of keeping a grip I recon.

I did not stay to watch the cloverleaf task which I just dont like. (personal opinion of course)

So well done to the people behind the event. :D

Gilo flew the E-Pac (name change soon) with the Paramotor Club Wing which was cool :D I have it on Video and will have a go at doing a You Tube of it soon. (DID ANYONE GAT PICS OF THE E-PAC FLYING? IF SO PLEASE CONTACT ME)

All in all, a good event. I will go for longer next year.


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Yeah, great to meet you Simon. Along with Francis, Colin, Pete and the others.

Also great to meet Gilo and thank him personally for his help getting my motor working properly, and to meet Pascal Campbell-Jones of Paramania.

The E-pac looked great. Incredible that it will be available soon, and even more incredible that Gilo flew it with your sign written wing!!

Everyone that I talked to was amazingly friendly and generous with their time. I too will spend longer there next year - 6 hour round trip for a few hours there but was well worth it. A sky full of paramotors visible miles from the site, and a very well attended event when I got there - brilliant!

Will definately get by backside over to Lambourn over the summer, so look forward to meeting some of you then.

Best regards,


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Great set of pics viewed at 05.30 Monday morning, we are flying in today realy looking forward to my first visit the nats, there will be lots of questions asked today as we are just starting out in this spoet coming from microlights, hope this is the right time and place.


Life is better up here.

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