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Chips in prop

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This isn't advice or instruction.... 
I have used superglue and chopped carbon fiber strands (I would have used glass strands if I had some or raw glue if it didn't run so easily... I would even try cotton if I had to, its just to add bulk)
This is for small "chips"... smaller than a little finger nail.

Wire brush (Dremel style), acetone clean, glue-fiber, sand... mine are not pretty but they are serviceable :) 

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I just use glass bubbles (micro balloons) in my epoxy resin mix. Very light and produces a pretty decent sandable repair for even fingernail sized chips. Strands are stronger obviously...but micro balloons are very light.

Obviously, a lot of carbon props are hollow, so the depth of chip and/or crack has to be considered, however ive repaired some bad ones using this method but only when damage is out nearer to the tip.

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