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Dudek Report'air. Any clones?

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What are the geometric characteristics that make the Dudek Report'air "almost inert" to the wind? Perfect as a work wing.
Are there other manufacturers that have cloned it?
MacPara, SkyMax, Apco ...
Thanks, and sorry if the question had already been asked.

Thank you.

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It`s an interesting question and one i`ve wondered about  - whether manufacturers are `influenced` or just buy an example of, and then blatantly copy other makers designs.

There is some text in the manuals of two wing makers that i have owned that have very similar phrases and wording, i thought that suspicious...


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Well that's a simple question to answer ,if a manufacturer inadvertently or by design find they have made a wing better in very different ways sometimes they put that into there next wing, and Iam almost certain they are constantly looking at what other manufacturers are up to . Copying most certainly. they have come on a long way ,but there are limits , safety is most important, or should be.  just met thoughts 

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Good morning, mine didn't want to be a controversy about anything.
I imagine that the manufacturers are all focused on improving their products, in terms of performance and safety. However, I am also aware of the different technological and research means of the different construction companies, so it seems almost normal that the design of a particularly functional sail of a manufacturer X, this year, can be taken as an example by some other manufacturer for his atelier for next year.
For this reason, I asked if anyone had noticed the characteristics of the Dudek ReportAir, using sails from other manufacturers.
Thank you.

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