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  1. Good morning, mine didn't want to be a controversy about anything. I imagine that the manufacturers are all focused on improving their products, in terms of performance and safety. However, I am also aware of the different technological and research means of the different construction companies, so it seems almost normal that the design of a particularly functional sail of a manufacturer X, this year, can be taken as an example by some other manufacturer for his atelier for next year. For this reason, I asked if anyone had noticed the characteristics of the Dudek ReportAir, using sails from other manufacturers. Thank you.
  2. What are the geometric characteristics that make the Dudek Report'air "almost inert" to the wind? Perfect as a work wing. Are there other manufacturers that have cloned it? MacPara, SkyMax, Apco ... Thanks, and sorry if the question had already been asked. Thank you. Mike
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