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A Little bit of Paramotor Heven!

admin (Simon W)

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So the weather has done it! I am running a trip at the end of oct 07.

I got hold of an old friend who I knew had a big posh place in St Andre Les Alpes.

Who fancies this,

A minibus or similar for people, a van for the kit and a drive to St Andre to stay at the nice big posh place in flying heven with your Paramotor next to you for 5-7 days?. :D:D:D

Free Flying Paragliding tendems also available on site, mountain bikes, Trail Bikes, WIth a SnowBoard Resort just a 5 min flight away.

If you are not familiar with the epic flying place that is St Andre go here now, and Imagine that you are flying through it on your motor!

http://www.vaucluse-visites-virtuelles. ... glish.html

Other snazzy stuff, group GPS map tracking software (like memory map but much better fly throughs e.t.c)

Ok so what is the cost of this dream world away from the land of never ending rain I talk off!

30 Euros a night will ensure you will enjoy extreme comfort while in flying heven.

The cost of a minibus, Van, petrol, expenses will be shared by all.

So say 5 days @ 30 of them euro things = 150 of them funny euro things + say another 100 things for expenses as described above = 250 things

So by the time I sell my euro things and buy some beans and then sell the beans to make tome good old £ Quids I recon it will cost...a whopping!!!!!! sit down before scrolling down.....

Paramotor heven waits for you......

but how much you ask....


Yep One hundred and seventy quid each.*

*personal drinking habits are not covered in the above costs.

Are you interested?

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE (Prices above worked out for 15 people) Less people would mean more money, but more comfort. :D:D


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Hi Simon

Does the 5-7 days include travaling ?if so would it be about 2 days there and two days back leaving 4 days flying?

What will the transport costs be?

Any other info would be helpful.


ps may be able to use van Renault master 07

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Bonjor Pete,

Hows it going :D

Thinking about peoples time off, I thought 7 days was going to be the max, to I thought 5 days in the Alps flying.

The Transport costs you can expect to be around 100 euros each. (if we get up to 15 people)

Go on Pete you know you want :D:D

It could be that two people drive the kit over there a few days before or something if this would help.

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