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Possible changes to 2m


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Just a heads up guys and gals...2m / 144 MHz is being proposed as a new aeronautical band in a 'land-grab' proposal from the French.  At the last sitting the proposal was 'unopposed' in any significant manner by anyone.  Obviously we as amateurs are up in arms - but if you're considering using it you ought to be aware.


144 and 1240 MHz on WRC-19 Special Focus page
The RSGB WRC-19 Special Focus page has been updated with information concerning the background for WRC-19 and the latest on concerns regarding WRC-23 proposals for 144 and 1240 MHz bands 

RSGB WRC-19 Special Focus page 

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Just to add meat to the bone, this is the proposal for 144-146MHz :

Study possible new allocations to the aeronautical mobile service on a primary basis in the following bands: 144-146 MHz, 5000-5010 MHz and 15.4-15.7 GHz, while ensuring the protection of existing services in those bands and, as appropriate, adjacent bands, and not constraining future development of these services.

I have added the bold highlighting.

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It looks to me that the regulators are trying to keep the amateur boys happy by saying there will be no impact to amateur activity.

The 144-146 band is PRIMARY for the amateur service and I think there would be a revolution if that ever changed or was proposed. I don't think there is any cause for concern for PPG as activity is usually just outside the amateur band, so calm is the way.

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5 hours ago, Lee Jackson said:

Sorry... I don't understand! Should we be upset or calm?

Neither yet.  Just stay as you are I think - even us amateurs haven't got a clue but its a good bee in the bonnet for some.  Whatever happens, amateurs or PPG pilots, we actually have zero clout when it comes to these things so be like the Buddah, go calmly to a pizza shop and ask to be made one with everything...

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