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My Paramotoring Goal for 2019!!

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Hello everyone!

I have a goal of owning my own paramotor and being able to fly it by the end of 2019! I'm not sure how I'm going to get there right now but I will find a way!!

I live in Surrey with my (very understanding) lovely wife and two wonderful boys. I quit my nice stable job in London last July to start my own property business and have been on a terrifying, exhilarating, cash strapped ride every since and have not looked back. 

I'm a qualified paraglider pilot although I've not been flying for at least 5 years since my wife banned me from flying whilst our kids were very young - probably a good thing!! I've flown mainly on the South Downs and occasionally in Spain and in Montenegro. 

I've been meaning to scratch the paramotor itch for years now, and I've promised my boys that I will take them up in a tandem once I'm suitably trained and experienced. I was driving through the countryside this week between Basingstoke and Newbury on a business trip and something finally clicked as I was admiring the beautiful rolling hills in the early morning misty sunshine and daydreaming that I could be flying over those hills!

So first things first, I need to find £X000 for some lessons and a bit of kit, and I need to dig deep into some research, and find a bunch of friendly flying types for some sage advice (hence why I'm here!). 

Looking forward to the journey!


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12 hours ago, cas_whitmore said:

Hi Andy ‘ if you can get to  Guildford ‘ in the near future when the weather is flyable come and have a chat ‘ few of us fly from Barrys field” near the hogs back .


Thanks Cas, that'd be great. I'm not far from Guildford (Sutton). How often do you get out flying?

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6 hours ago, admin (Simon W) said:

Welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

You are more than welcome to pop in to Membury airfield for a brew and a chat :-) Just give me a quick call first to make sure we are on the field. Phone number in signature. 

SW :D 

Thanks Simon - it would be great to do that!

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