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Training, equipment and weather.

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Hi everyone,

I've been wanting to get into the air for a long while and paramotoring looks good for a guy about to have a family (so slightly time strapped) and on a budget. Would appreciate any advice on the following, please!

I'm near Hull (East Yorkshire). Does anyone know of close places to train and fly from?

Does anyone fly locally who might be good for a chat/advice?

Is used equipment advised? My budget could take the hit with this but might struggle beyond £5k.

Wind! What's the consensus on flyable days in this part of the UK? I'm not expecting god like predictions but is it likely to be a real hindrance in comparison to microlights for example.

Thanks in advance!


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5k is easily enough to get you some good quality used kit with low use.

If you believe all the ads on places like ebay you`d be forgiven for thinking that there has never been any paramotor or wing that has ever been flown for more than 12 hours....

Just don`t rush into buying anything yet, get training and whilst that happens you`ll get a better idea of what to buy and be able to keep an eye on the used markets to get a good idea of what`s available and likely prices.


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Massive thanks for the replies guys! Also found this so will get in touch: http://www.hullppgclub.co.uk/

My in-laws are in Withernsea on the coast and there's often a PPG flyer out there. Looks great. Anyone know of who this is and launch sites around there? It'd be a perfect mix between family time and getting a flight in to launch when I'm over there.

Cheers again, have a cracking weekend.

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