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PMC Flyin 2018

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Does anybody have any footage of my mates failed launch on Sunday morning was rather spectacular it was I believe one of the last disasters of the flyin. It was a Bulldog and Red Synth last seen heading towards the midfield windsock. Could do with a bit of footage to establish what exactly went wrong although I believe a, should have bailed earlier in launch b, not attempted jump into harness which ended in prop strike and pride being hurt. Any footage please would be gratefully accepted 


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I think I saw it but didn’t get any footage, was this the broken prop guy? Wind was all over the place on Sunday morning, from where I was, poor guy did a perfectly good launch and everything was nice and balanced but he had a tail wind. He was accelerating faster than Hussain Bolt and was well over take off speed over the ground but the tail wind meant his air speed wasn’t there - with another 30 feet of field to keep running over he’d probably have made it but the crops were coming up fast. He did damn well to get as far as he did with a tail wind if you ask me.

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I did see it and was standing at the wind sock at the time. It was an attempted down wind take off for sure.

He made a very good attempt with spirited running but I thought it was simply a trip due to the speed without having the required lift to hold him up.

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