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Hi all,

I just want to find out a bit more information about the PMC route of learning paramotoring. I have no experience of paragliding (though some of flying - I'm 30 hours into my NPPL microlight licence).

As I understand it, some people go down the BHPA route, and qualify first as an EP, and then take 2 or 3 days of conversion training for Power which gives them the BHPA accreditation, and they then are covered by BHPA insurance.

As I understand it, the PMC route carries no 'accreditation' (though neither in a sense does the BHPA - it's only their internal qualification, which is only to allow you access to their insurance scheme), but you can get the AXA insurance anyway.

With regards to powered flight it's then just a matter of finding somewhere to fly from.  However, for unpowered flight, the BHPA route is probably the only sensible solution in that most of the possible launch sites for unpowered have been snapped up by affiliated clubs to the BHPA (though of course you'd still need to do the CP qualification).

If I went down the PMC route, how does this work?  I live in Bristol - how do I find an instructor?  Is it normal to learn on their equipment..?

Any thoughts or advice would be very gratefully received. Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Ian, 

You pretty much hit the nail on the head with all of the above :-) Apart I think now that you can't get the AXA policy unless you can prove training either. 

Your closest PMC school is us at Membury (we do have plans for a school / instructor in Bristol but not until next year) We have (and encourage you to use) School kit in the form of shiny Parajet Zeniths and nice new wings for flying. 

Please do pop along or call for a chat. :-) 

Welcome to the Paramotor Club!!


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Hi Ian,

FYI there are BHPA PPG specific schools nowadays (i.e. not via paragliding route first), but I don't think you need concern yourself with this too much here. You can actually do a BHPA power accreditation course later on if you wish. They ran one at Parafest last year.

I honestly believe it is more important that you choose and instructor/site that you like and trust, that provide thorough training and also kit for the duration of your course. It is also important that the location of said instructor is convenient as you'll need to be able to grab the weather opportunities as they come up.

In my humble opinion, in this case, it would be wise pop along to the PMC site at Membury and have a chat. I would have said this before I'd seen Simons post above. I did not learn there myself, but I have visited and found it to be a first rate setup. FYI I have no vested interest here and I'm not even local to Membury... but I do tell it like it is!

On a separate issue I'd love to speak to you about the NPPL course! I have been looking to do one locally to me for some time. Hopefully I can catch you at a PMC fly-in!

Best of luck whichever route you go down!



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