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Electric start and car batteries

Kevin B

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Hi all,

having come to start my Bailey 4v today I find one of my battery packs completely dead.

it can be a pig to start when it’s not been used in a while.

once started it’s fine.

i went to my local battery guy and had a chat with him about other options, he suggested using a car battery to get it going then simply put the lighter weight battery pack in to start and fly?

now I’m sure I’ve read somewhere this can cause damage to the Paramotor but he couldn’t think of any reason why?

does anyone here  have any knowledge on this subject please?

thanks in advance 



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If the starter motor and circuit on your paramotor is all 12V then i don`t see any problem.

A  motor will only draw the current that it requires to operate so even though you are hooking up a relatively small load (your paramotor starter motor) to a very high capacity supply (car batteries can deliver hundreds of amps) it will only pull the current it needs.

Just be careful not to crank the motor for extended periods which may overheat components as the car battery could probably have enough juice to keep it spinning for hours...


Does your V4 charge the battery in flight or have a reg/rec and accessory socket?

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If your flight battery is Lipo though then it would be best to disconnect that and start it on the car battery then reconnect the lipo after it's warmed up.

Personally i'd probably wire in a power point off the car (Fused!) so I could jump it easily straight from the car. Then you don't have to worry about charging another battery.




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If it charges in flight then likely not Lipo. 12volt gel cells or 2 x 6volt gel cells are common. Yes, these can be jump started with a car battery, or indeed any 13 to 15 volt supply.

Alternatively, get one of these REALLY LIGHTWEIGHT Lithium batteries. They are 40% of the weight and pack a punch. They are expensive at £156....but I have a hardly used one going for half that.



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Hi Andy

No it’s not Lipo,

I try to keep 3 packs available to ensure I have no issues when at the field.

The car battery option will be a bonus.

it is two 6v that Bailey supplied with the Paramotor.

only took a brief look but what are the dimensions of the battery you have?

The rail where the battery mounts on the 4V is quite restricted.


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