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  1. Hi Mark Dann a good friend of mine runs a paragliding school in the Highlands and used to Paramotor, maybe get in touch I’m sure if he can’t he will know someone who does? https://www.beyondextreme.co.uk/
  2. SOLD Bailey 4V 200 and Trike. Titanium frame and cage. 1.3m prop. Two batteries. Two Carbon props and covers (Minor tip repairs). High and mid hang point “S bars” (two sets) 27.59 hrs on motor and frame. 4hrs on trike. All in very good clean condition. Serviced at 20hrs. Owned for last 4 years. Spare complete titanium cage available by separate negotiation. Fly’s superbly trike made by ex Formula one engineer and myself (14kg). Strong and robust with balloon wheels. Wheel bearings throughout. GRP axel provides suspension. Steering damper for rough terrain. £2500
  3. Good morning can any one advise who now supplies spares for Flymecc products in the UK both frame and 110s engines please? thanks in advance
  4. Hi Andy No it’s not Lipo, I try to keep 3 packs available to ensure I have no issues when at the field. The car battery option will be a bonus. it is two 6v that Bailey supplied with the Paramotor. only took a brief look but what are the dimensions of the battery you have? The rail where the battery mounts on the 4V is quite restricted. cheers
  5. It’s a lead acid battery and it does charge in flight. the car battery solution is so I don’t flatten my two inflight packs at the field and then don’t get to fly!
  6. Hi all, having come to start my Bailey 4v today I find one of my battery packs completely dead. it can be a pig to start when it’s not been used in a while. once started it’s fine. i went to my local battery guy and had a chat with him about other options, he suggested using a car battery to get it going then simply put the lighter weight battery pack in to start and fly? now I’m sure I’ve read somewhere this can cause damage to the Paramotor but he couldn’t think of any reason why? does anyone here have any knowledge on this subject please? thanks in advance kevin
  7. Does anyone have access to basic but proven plans to build a trike? im interested in building a simple trike to which my Bailey 4v 200 will bolt straight to complete. Im in the process of applying for The CAA excemption due to a back injury. many thanks in advance kevin
  8. Kevin B

    Kevin B

  9. Good morning im based in Halesowen B62 and have been flying PG's for the last 12 years and PM for just under 2yrs. Are there any local pilots who would be willing to allow me to join them please? Some how I'm never keen to fly the PM alone? cheers in advance kevin
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